7 PAX posted
37° Easterly winds

Jay-z (QIC)

Slaughter Start -20 burpees OYO
LBAC ICX10 each direction
Grass pickers ICX15
Finkle Swings 10 each leg OYO
Sprinklers ICX15
Tempo Squats ICX10
Tempo Merkins ICX10

Mosey to Happy Place
Crowd Pleaser Pyramid up to 4 and back down
Monkey Humper ROF

Mosey to straight away

Start at light pole

S uzanne Somers (wide stance toes pointed out, squats) x40

Run to stop sign

L ow Country Crab Boil (crab walk position, grab left foot with right arm, do one armed dip) x10 each arm

Run back to light pole

O utlaws x20 each direction

Run to stop sign

P lank Jack’s x20

Prisoner run half way back to light pole, mosey rest of way

Repeat 3 times

Gather at pool house for Dirty Hook Up ICX20

Pickle pointer ICX20
Pickle Pounder ICX20
Flutter Kicks ICX20
Hello Dolly ICX10

Expecting SLOP this morning.  However, we found a dry slot. Normally not a good thing 😉, but was welcomed this morning. The chatter was less vicious this morning aside from the 20 burpees right from the start. As Maestro walked up after the burpees, I felt cheated. Some how him missing a Maestro Lap doesn’t bother me as much. Food for thought in regards to future Slaughter Starts. We were all missing Boucher’s presence and comments, especially after 2 absences in a row! Hoping to get this COVID over soon. We miss a lot of our brothers! Stay healthy.  See you Monday.

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