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Delayed post from April 15, 2020

A dry 29 degrees this morning for the 5 PAX Post – Jay-Z, Bubblicious, Stache, CrabbyPO, Slit-QIC

Warm Up:

Maestro Lap to Pool-house corner

Sprinklers X15IC, Tempo Squats X15IC, ArmCircles X20 Forward and Back OYO

Leg Stretches OYO

Long Mosey: Took the pool house road to Burlington, then Green, up Kyger to the hill next to the stairs. Q kept up with recent pseudo-traditions and stopped at intersections for exercises (10 Merkins and 20 Mountain Climbers)

THANG: “Jack & Jill went up the hill”

PAX started on side of the road opposite the hill

15 Jackees (or burpee-jacks)

Bear Crawl across the road for 15 Plank Jacks

5X up and down the hill

Last time at the top of the hill PAX completed 15 Regular Jacks (SSH)

Rinse and repeat reducing exercises/hill climbs (keeping 3:1 ratio = 12-4, 9-3, 6-2, 3-1)

Return to flag via same route- up Burlington with same stops for Merkins and MCs


Tiny Little Rings of Fire

Hold Canoe for LBCs then Flutter Kicks (10 each in separate rounds)

Hold High Plank for Shoulder Taps & Merkins (10 each)

Hold Al Gore for 10 Air Squats



Only 5 PAX on a cold crisp morning but this “Jack and Jill” post was still more popular than Adam Sandler’s similarly titled movie (Only 3% on Rotten Tomatoes!).  Really we left Jill out of this workout because we assume that Jack’s infamous tumble was her fault. Regardless we climbed the hill a few times to atone for Jack’s mishap- and to ready ourselves if we ever have to go back to fetching water.  Not a lot of chatter as we muscled through our modified burpees and hills climbs. Per usual, Stache finished first, probably fueled by his proximity to the shelter house and the squatters’ techno beats.   A few choice words were heard when the route was announced for returning to the flag, but PAX finished strong. 

Kudos to Bubblicious for some new lingo: bear crawls completed while crossing the road will be called “Fat Possums” from now on.

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