8 PAX posted on this 38 degree morning.  Wapner, Jay-z, Stache, Slit, Humdinger, Daisy, Bubblicious, Piper(QIC)
Maestro lap
Arm circles x 10 IC forward and back
IYTx 10 IC
Grass Pickers x 15 IC
Sprinkler x 15 IC
Motivator from 10
Arm stretch OYO
Leg stretch OYO

Thang: Murph prep
1 mile

5 pull-ups
10 Merkins
15 air squat
Rinse and repeat

Bicycles x 25 OYO
In and outs x 25 OYO
WWII sit ups x 41

Moleskin:  We are 19 days away from Memorial Day, so what better workout to do than some Murph prep.  Good effort given this morning by pax.  Chatter was good, some pax even speak to me as nicely as their mother.  Glad to have Daisy and Humdinger back in the gloom. Happy early Birthday to Wapner, cheers. 

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