8 PAX, sprinkles and damp; Boucher, Jay-Z, Bubblicious, Wapner, Piper, Stache, CrabbyPO, Daisy- QIC


Shoulder Pretzels 20IC

Sprinklers w/legs 15IC

Grass pickers 15IC

Reach over Stretch 30 sec each side

Stretch anything still tight OYO


Pax paired up and numbered to 4. Drop off lap- and start doing designated exercise at each location until relieved by traveling group.

Station 1- Flag- Burpees/ No Surrenders (alternate each lap)

Station 2- stop sign- V-up roll ups

Station 3- Happy place/ tip- Dips

Once relieved of current station, run to next station and relieve group there.

Rinse and repeat.

Mary: Plank-o-Rama

30sec each exercise

Low plank


Right side plank

Left side plank

Reverse plank

Pickle pointers

Pickle pounders


American Hammers- 15 each side OYO


YHC called an audible as just shy of 10 PAX that was hoped. Combined Burpees and No Surrenders to alternate each lap so that no one had to workout alone. That turned out to be a blessing as the extended amount of dips proved to be tougher than thought. But it looked good on paper! 4 rounds were completed before Plank-o-Rama began. As planking started- PAX were instructed to do it for the ladies- which must have triggered bedroom PTSD because chatter of all the things that are told to us in the bedroom filled the 5 minutes of Mary. Unfortunately- none of the comments were particularly uplifting. Hopefully this workout has increased our stamina and will help improve the comments we here in the bedroom- or in some cases…. with your mom. Since we all seem to be spending time with each other’s mothers- please make sure to wish them all a happy Mother’s Day from the rest of us and their respective sons! Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday when Jay-Z will bring the beat down.

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