Day 2 at The Pit

11 men showed up to support day 2 of our new BR AO. Here is how it went.

QIC: Cornwallis (adapted from #pb)
Pax: Groupie, Khaki, FNG (2nd Post, now known as COUGAR), Dr. Porkchop, Woody Woodpecker, Nomad, Brickyard, Snaphook, Square, Kitty

Disclaimer given

Warm-O-Rama: all IC
Side Straddle Hops x 30
Weedpicker x 10
Windmill x 10
Kick with Twist x 10
Arm Circles forward x 10 backward x 10

Fartlicks 10 rounds of 30 seconds run, 30 seconds jog

Tabata: 1 minute exercise, 30 second rest for 18 rounds
(disclaimer, I may not remember all of them. We did popcorn method for exercises)
Wall Lunges
Crab Cakes
Incline Merkins
Cheerleaders (SSH with a squat)
Shoulder Taps
Bonnie Blairs
Plank Jacks
Decline Merkins
Apollo Ono’s
Crunchy Frogs
Overhead Claps

Recover Recover!

-Oh boy, did things start off spicy! First thing Nomad says to me when he gets out of his car is “I guess I’ll have to lock my car now that we are down here in the city”. Shots fired! Wow!
-Nomad made some comment about how BR people are Woke, to which I agreed strongly.
-Next shot, that I remember, came from Brickyard after doing the Fartlicks, “I guess you didn’t study art”, me: “What?” Brickyard: “Because that wasn’t creative at all”. Me: “First exercise is the BURPEE!”
-Mumblechatter from Brickyard was too much to remember, but here are some pieces of it: “I have a filter about once or twice a year”, “Yes, I do talk in my sleep, my wife has video evidence”, “That asphalt hurts my coccyx”, “(something something) your face”, “(something something) great I hate running.”……   ….. ……
-Other than that mumble chatter was pretty low. Hard to get a word in I guess.
-Another comment was said about being down in the City by Nomad, to which I replied something about “pinkies up Carmel”.
-It was a lovely time and exchange of words on this slightly rainy day.
-Thankful for everyone who came out, especially those who had to leave their ivory tower and gated communities and risk their lives to come down to the “city”. Yeah, we live here everyday and we are doing just fine thanks!
-In other news, welcome COUGAR! What a great name to go with Kitty who EH’d him. I’ll let Cougar share how he got his name. Good conversation starter.
– I’m so pumped for this AO and the potential it has. We have only started to use all that it has to offer, so keep coming out as we start branching out from Panera to explore other fun things next week!
-Join us for an OTB (off the books) Ruck Saturday 0700-0800 and then you can stop by the BR Famers Market (just on the East side of The Pit behind/beside whatever, Lowe’s)
-Keep sharing this with other men and keep posting! 


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