Weather: 53 degrees, rainy and very wet.

PAX: Pontoon19, Motorboat, Khaki, Headlock, Nomad, Cornwallis, Logger

Disclaimer Given


The Ruckers: Couldn’t be bothered with warm up, they had a mission. I believe they got 3 miles in.

The Runners: Short warmup – 20 SSH and 10 Imperial Walkers. Followed by a 4 mile run to Founders park and back around the Hill’s campus.

Moleskin: It was wet, we all new it and dressed appropriately. It was good to see Cornwallis at the Hill today, I haven’t seen him in at least 2 months.

The runners ran on the East side of Hazel Dell, to avoid what we knew would be a large and deep puddle, indistinguishable from a small pond. While we did avoid swimming, technically, we were soaked. We all hit some deep puddles.

When you are out for a Ruck or a Run in the rain there is a beauty and toughness to it I love. The beauty is noise of the rain falling, the streaks you see in the path ahead, and the feeling nature all around. The toughness is knowing everyone else is inside and dry but us pushing harder.

Thanks Men!

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