Weather: upper 50s and rainy

10 Pax posted to the hill: Logger, Khaki, Nomad, Maize, Headlock, Snaphook, Teddy Bear, Pontoon19, Beefsteak, FNG Motorboar-QIC


Warm up:
Slowey with high knee, butt kicks, leaps, touch each side, frankensteins.
Imperial Walkers x10
Windmill x10
Arm circles


Partner up, head to the lower lot, and everyone grab a rock. Partner 1 runs to the other end of the lot, does 2 jump tucks, and sprints back. Partner 2 works on the exercise count.

Each partner team completed:
100 Tombstones
200 Kneeling Log Chops (each side counts as one)
300 Hand Release Merkins
400 Flutter Kicks (2 count)
500 Little Man Side Straddle Hops

Put rocks back and Mary:
Angels and Devils x 1 minute

Recover Recover


Moleskin: Welcome FNG Commodore (as in Commodore 64).  It was a bit rainy this morning and it should be noted that Khaki had more layers on than Motorboatā€¦.a first!  It was good to see more guys coming out and pushing ourselves and each other.  A little smack talk between YHC and Khaki while headlock always had the motivation.  It was nice to see a FNG who found us through the website and just showed up in the rain.  Always an honor to Q a workout.  Great start to my morning.


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