Warm up:

SSH IC x20

Weed pickers IC x10

Arm circles IC x10 each direction

Thang: Fun with Ladders

1 burpee at start, mosey about 15 yards, do 2 burpees, mosey and do 3 burpees – and keep going until you do 10 burpees

Take a 400 meter mosey

Next Ladder:

5 mericans

Mosey out 15 yards and back

5 mericans and 10 imperial walkers

Mosey our 15 yards and back

5 mericans, 10 IW, 15 LBC


5 merc, 10 IW, 15 LBC, 20 SSH


5 merc, 10 IW, 15 LBC, 20 SSH, 25 squats

5 merc, 10 IW, 15 LBC, 20 SSH


5 mericans, 10 IW, 15 LBC


5 mericans, 10 IW


5 mericans


Bear crawl 10 yards then crawl bear back. Do 10 big boi situps. Repeat 5 times.

Mosey 400 yards


50 – Flutterkicks

30 – LBC

25 – American hammers

25 – Low Dolly

25 – Gas pumps

Quad/back Stretch


Q:  Cosmo

Pax:  Motorboat, Nomad, Zamboni, Wapner, Cornwallis, Khaki, DC, Maize, Kitty, Wrigley


11 Pax showed up at Grizzly for a Ladders workout in almost perfect workout conditions! After YHC was informed/voluntold to Q for the workout (which I did willingly because I missed the in-person gatherings), we all got started on the warmup and run lap.  Burpees are always a good way to start a workout THEN we got bear crawl for our second round, just because we can.  

Great to see Wapner in his first Grizzly appearance as well as Zamboni off DR for his back.  Motorboat, being our ever-conscience health professional demonstrated the dangers of attempting to run over a curb in a parking lot and turning his ankle (Q believes he is OK, but will check again today).  Q also observed that his demonstration worked as no other PAX had an issues.

Truly missed gathering with all you men in the gloom and thrilled to be getting back in the groove.

Keep passing it out, keep posting, keep getting better!

Always a privilege,


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