Weather 54 crisp and clear




Headlock (R)



Pontoon 19

Optimus (R)




Maize (R)



Wapner QIC



Abe Vigodas IC x10

Grass pickers IC x15

Hillbilly walkers IC x20

Tempo squats IC x10

Sit & reach, cross leg over, butterflies

Mosey to west lot


Sprints from one end of west parking lot to the other (about 100 yards) and walk back for Mary exercises:


Boxcutters IC x15

Captain Thor 1:4 -> 5:20

Flutter kicks IC x25

Freddie Mercurys IC x20

Gas pumps IC x15

Hello Dolly IC x20


LBCs IC x25

Outlaws IC x20

Pickle pointers IC x20

Rosalitas IC x20

Mosey to flag


Big Sexy

Pickle pointers IC x20

Pickle pounders IC x20

Monkey humpers ROF IC x10


It had been awhile since YHC’s last Q at the Hill and it never disappoints. Hillfolk are always welcoming to BlackCats from up north and the 3 of us that came enjoyed it as always. Q gave the early advisement to get the quads warmed up for a morning of sprints. Planned a mosey around the south side of the church but Q couldn’t remember exactly where the paths are so thought better of it and stayed on the road around the north side. Not a good idea to roll an ankle before taking part in sprints. There was plenty of mumblechatter on the walks back, even as everyone caught their breath, which kept the PAX in good spirits. That only increased as the Hill was introduced to Big Sexy and all the fun a ring of fire of monkey humpers can be. Work on your endurance by practicing at home. Khaki announced that he will be out of town for the weekend and conceded the contest of consecutive posts to Nomad (although with an asterisk as he indicated there were a couple of remote posts along the way). Great work and way to be a good example men! Keep pushing yourselves to get better and EHing other men to come out and do the same. Aye!

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