Weather: 66 degrees, the sun was up and mostly clear skies

PAX: Khaki, Motorboat, Quick, Nomad, Pontoon19, Headlock, Teddy Bear, DC, Commodore, State, Logger

Disclaimer Given


  • 1 Mile Run
  • 20 Rounds of:
    • 5 Pull ups
    • 10 Mericans
    • 15 Squats
  • Finish it with a 1 Mile Run

Moleskin: Our mile run was over to Inlow Park. The park closed access to everyone but us for the rope we use for the pull up. Very thankful for their forethought and kindness.

Q was given immediate grief for starting the run going up hill. We got our mile in and circled up for the pull ups, mericans, and squats. Each PAX counted 1 or 2 rounds as we worked our way through the set. Doing them in small blocks made it a lot more manageable to maintain good form. We did do a few breathers as we cranked through the sets.

Our run back included climbing the Hill. It was hot. In order to get our full mile in it required some winding in the parking lot…which led to more grief from the pax and directed at the Q. The Q can report that he felt no guilt.

In the name-o-rama we said who our Murph was in honor of. Some were soldiers that the PAX knew and others were soldiers that we didn’t know. Regardless of our relation to the soldiers, our hearts go out to those who have fallen. We are thankful for those who are serving or have served. The ability to get up on a Monday morning and do a Murph in our community is because of them.

And finally, and important to me, Thanks Men!

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