9 PAX posted the Hill:  Snaphook, Headlock, , Maize, Logger, Optimus, Pontoon19, Beefsteak, Wrigley, Bumblebee,

Disclaimer:  Not an expert, modify as needed.  F3, North View Church, and I are not responsible.

Warm Up:  SSH, Weedpickers, Sungods, Imperial Walkers, Circle Burp

Thang:  Run to next light pole, 21 reps, run back 20 reps.  Each Pax picks an exercise (birthday present) one at a time down the line until out of time.

Decalfinator.  Miss you Zamboni!

Mary:  Merican Hammers, Low Dolly, Rosalita

Recover Recover

Moleskin:  Logger wins the worst present with groiners.  Thank you for the opportunity men!

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