Preblast: We will get stronger together

Weather: upper 60s/low 70s with a slight misting to start the morning.

Pax: Headlock, Optimus, Brickyard, Bumblebee, Maize, Nomad, Khaki, Pontoon19, Kindergarten Cop, Beefsteak, State, Logger, Motorboat-QIC


5 core principles given

Warm up:
Overhead clap x10 IC
Arm Circles x10 IC
Weed Pickers x10 IC
Windmills x10 IC

Slow jog towards the fishbowl. Stop for a quick hamstring stretch on the wall.
Wanted to get stronger at pull ups so we did super sets of inverted rows and pushups. Goal was to get the sets done in 1 minute and then break for 1 minute. This allowed for some good 2nd F time while still working hard.
4 ct IC
Walk and slow job back towards the east side of the building and circled up for Mary.
“W” raise. (straight legs and get the hips off the ground while making a W x 5)
Knee slides (low plank, knee to opposite elbow and then lift up) x45 seconds
Butterfly Situps x10
Corkscrew x45 seconds
Levitation crunch x 10
Big Boi situps with rotation each side (4 ct) x 5
“W” raises x5
Knee slides x45 seconds
Butterfly Situps x 10
Corkscrew x45 seconds
Standing transverse abdominus workout. take a deep breath and blow out all of your air. then try and suck your belly button to your spine really working the horizontal muscles below your belly button. YHC really wants to have nice abs by summer. YHC was kindly reminded by the pax that summer was almost here already and that YHC should have started working on his abs a while ago.

Recover Recover

Praises for Brickyard’s family and the trails that they endured

Moleskin: Thanks for pushing hard today men. This was better with friends for sure. Brickyard was full of gas and left behind quite a bit today. It was really good to see more and more men coming out and bettering themselves.
Motorboats CSAUP: July 11
Hizzly: Aug 9
Always an honor to lead and lucky to count you among friends.


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