Weather: 64 degrees, overcast, humid, perfect

Pax: Khaki, Headlock, Teddy Bear, Motorboat, Kitty, Maize, Pontoon-19, Cornwallis, Kindergarten Cop, Dr. Porkchop, FNG Jack, FNG Josh (now known as Faceoff), Nomad (QIC)

Warmup: weed pickers IC x15, imperial walkers IC x15, Rocky Balboas IC x20, SSH IC x20, back to Rockies, then IW, then WPs

Carried block in the curl position with arms at 90 degrees long way around the parking lot until someone had to put their block down. Circled up for 20 “around the worlds,” 10 each direction. Walked again, same deal until someone had to put their block down again, repeat ATWs, walked again to lower lot.

Thang: pairs of exercises with short reps x 5 sets building to a larger overall number

50 block mericans and 50 block mountain climbers (10 at a time, alternating back and forth)

Bear crawl block pulls across the lot to the next light

100 curls and 100 lateral block jump overs (20 reps at a time)

Bear crawl block pulls across the lot back to the start line

50 tall kneeling chops and 50 dirty-dirty hookups (10 reps at a time)

Bear crawl block pulls to light again

50 goblet squats and 50 bent over rows

Recover, recover

Moleskin: not a lot of mumble chatter this morning as everyone was working hard. It was great to have such a big group out there this morning too. Weather was about perfect…enough humidity to work up a good sweat. Glad to have FNGs Josh (2nd time) and Jack out this morning too; both recipients of a welcome gift – a brand new cinder block. Blessed to lead this morning, men. Thank you for pushing me!

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