Weather: 48 degrees, cool, crisp, and clear skies

PAX: Nomad, Logger, Khaki, Chowder, Cheeseball, Motorboat, Pontoon19, Commodore, Sugar, Teddybear, Wrigley, Faceoff

Disclaimer Given


The Ruckers: They rucked and I saw lunges at the end.

The Runners: Ran out to Keystone and back, about 4 or so miles.

Moleskin: A great turnout on Monday morning. We had the return of Cheeseball and Chowder, they joined in on the run. Naming of Cheeseball took a turn for the worse with salami mommy coming up as a potential name. I think we ended strong on Cheeseball. We also learned the proper name of a lacrosse stick is “lacrosse stick”.

Thanks Men!

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