Weather…yes, there was some. It was good.

PAX: Nomad, Todd (FNG), Teddy Bear, Private, Maize, Cosmo, Motorboat, Marshall, Khaki, Logger, Kitty, Wrigley

Disclaimer given

Ruck…yes, we rucked some. It was good. 3.54 miles starting west, then south through the neighborhoods, then winding back north to The Hill. Mixed in some duck walks, Zamperini holds, Noonans, and staircase pull-ups (IC).


Moleskin: All exercises were performed in spite of Motorboat’s constant protesting (but no looting). “I did enough of this yesterday…We’re still holding our ruck above our head…blah, blah, blah.” A beautiful day for a ruck with good conversation as we got to know each other a little better. Glad to have Private join up and also welcomed Todd (FNG, now Cheeseball as of Monday).

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