Clear and calm morning but a tick chilly for June at 50F. Initially 4 PAX but Daisey was called in to work at the start so just three amigos were left. Wapner, CrabbyPo, and Bubblicious(QIC)

Nipple Tweekers IC x15
Grass Pickers IC x15
Shoulder Pretzels IC x15
Flying Nun 5ea leg OYO
Hairy Rockettes IC x15
SSH IC x20

Slowsey to far basketball courts with block in the curl position with arms at 90 degrees until someone has to put their block down.
-Circle up for 20 Russian Swings

Rinse and repeat but perform 20 Around the World’s

Proceed to basketball court


50 berkins and 50 block mountain climbers (10 at a time, alternating back and forth)
-Block lunges across the court

100 curls and 100 lateral block jump overs (20 reps at a time)
-Block lunges across the court

50 Crossover Berkins and 50 Merkin Swings 10 reps at a time)
-Block lunges across court

*50 goblet squats and 50 bent over rows (10 Reps at a time)*
*Called audible and skipped the last pair to enable time for Uncle.

6 Mins of Uncle

Chin ups(10)
Mexican Jumping Beans(20)
Alt grip pulls ups(10)
Hanging leg raises(10)
Chain saw pulls(10 ea side)

Rinse and Repeat until 6:15

Moleskin: Tried out a new spin on Mary called “6 Minutes of Uncle.” The idea is to perform a pull-up heavy routine until PAX are crying “Uncle!” to the Q. Sounds great on paper until its the Q crying Uncle!

Numbers were sparse this morning but that was expected given last night’s group text mumblechatter. Unfortunately, the Crossfitters witnessed our low turnout in running their workout near our path. A passing Crossfitter mentioned wanting nothing to do with blocks and carefully kept their distance from the block party carnage. Maybe those PAX who skipped this morning are just closet Crossfitters??

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