Weather: 67 degrees, and started with lighting in the distance and a light rain throughout

PAX: Chowder, Faceoff, Headlock, Optimus, State, Maize, Teddy Bear, Pontoon19, Motorboat, Logger

Disclaimer Given and the Thang:


  • 30 – SSH
  • 10 – Imperial Walkers
  • 10 – Windmills
  • 15ish – Seal Jacks until q got out of breath and off count
  • 10 – Weedpickers

Mosey to the wall

  • 20 – Dirty Hook up
  • Balls to the wall at 30 degrees, 45 degrees, and as vertical as you can get

Mosey to the back lot

  • Walking lunges for 50 yds
  • 10 Mericans

Mosey to pole barn

  • Wall sit with 20 overhead clap, 20 Moroccan night clubs, and 20 cherry pickers

Mosey to the rock pile

  • 20 KB Swings
  • 20 Squat Thrusters

Mosey to Basketball Court

  • Ultra mini Deathstar – 10 mericans in the middle and 10 squats on the outside

Mosey to the bottom of the Hill for a hill Sprint.

Then mosey to the grass hill for Crawl Bear down and Bear Crawl up.

Mosey to the Baseball diamond.

  • 1st Base – 10 Groiners
  • 2nd Base – 10 Mericans
  • 3rd Base – 10 Squat Jumps
  • Home Plate – 10 Burpees

Mosey near the Round-a-bout

  • 20 – Monkey Humpers
  • 10 – Picklepounders in high plank
  • 10 – Pickle pounders in low plank

Finally, mosey back for some Mary

  • 20 – Crunchy Frogs
  • 20 – Flutter Kicks
  • 20 – Squirming Turtles
  • ABC’s

Moleskin: Wasn’t sure how this morning was going to turn out – might have needed to modify and get some shelter in the fishbowl. But the lightening remained in the distance and the rain was light.

The overarching goal was to do a lap around the campus. In order to reduce anxiety and have a true Logger Q – the first in the line up was the Dirty Hook Up – which got some moans.

Good mumblechatter the entire time. Headlock said he loved the variety and sampling of exercises.

Thanks Men!

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