6 guys showed up despite the crazy storms, which just cleared out in time for the workout.

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Nomad, Zamboni, Khaki, Square, Dr. Porkchop.

Disclaimer was forgotten by YHC because of trying to come up with a completely new workout on the fly since the storm changed everything.

Warm-O-rama (all IC)
SSH x 10
IST x 10
Weed picker x 10


Mosey over to Staples and each pax picked the biggest rock possible.

Thunderstruck burpees

Chelsea (modified b/c no pull up bars for 6 people)
EMOM for 30 minutes- 5 shoulder press, 10 merkins, 15 squats

In the morning, at night x 5
Low dolly x 20 IC
Rosalita x 21 (oops) IC
Flutter kicks x 30 IC
W’s x 20 IC

Recover Recover

-YHC was excited about the workout until the storm changed all of that and YHC had to come up with a rain plan in a hurry, hence the Chelsea and Thunderstruck burpees as a nod to the lightning and thunder
-Great energy and enthusiasm today from all of the guys. I think the storm may have kept people home, but thankful for everyone who came out regardless. It was a beautiful morning and thanks to Carmel for the sunrise, according to Khaki.
-Dr. Porkchop went WWE on us and “ripped” off his shirt mid workout. I think he learned that in med school. Good bedside manners.
-There may be a Q school coming to The Pit next week, so keep an eye out for that. Square was asking about it and YHC thinks that will be a good thing to teach now and also get a workout in. Others are welcome to join as always.
-Keep sharing F3 with other men. Think of ways we can be HIM for our communities and especially for the people dealing with injustices and racism in our country. We still have a lot of work to do.


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