10 men posted in an upper 60 degree muggy gloom

Pew Pew
Balliff (Luke Beardsley)
Jay-Z (QIC)

Maestro Lap
Abe Vigodas
Shoulder Pretzels
Finkle Swings 10 each leg
Nipple Tweakers
Tempo Merkins x10
Motivator from 10
Grass pickers x15

Station 1 at the flag
5 tire flips
10 block curls

Station 2 at Happy Place
15 dips
20 monkey humpers

Station 3 at bottom of stairs
25 mountain climbers
30 squats

Flutter kicks ICX25
Pickle pointers ICX25
Pickle pounders ICX10

We had our first Name O Rama post Covid. First one in a long actually.  We welcomed Luke Beardsley (Wapner’s 2.0) who will forever be called Balliff. Many suggestions were made including Beardless. In the end Wapner needs a Balliff so all is right with the world. The workout was a bit of a grinder but somewhat enjoyable.  As Piper and I rounded the petting zoo we noticed a loose rooster. We were following CrabbyPO and Pew Pew and can only assume it was them who let the cock out.  Good times. Nice to have double digits again. See you all Monday.

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