Weather – 67 degrees partly cloudy & humid


Warm up:

21s IC All Pax stop together or Punishment

15 Arm circles IC Front & Back

15 Abe Vicoda’s IC

15 Weed Pickers IC

Zamp Carry to lower lot, pair up and lineup on light pole


One partner asymmetric carry to light pole, 10 block swings, switch arms assymetric carry back

Other partner completes exercises then switch


100 side to side block ‘Mercans both sides count as one (2 is 1)

200 Deep Squat Thrusters – Q changed this to 100 due to time

300 Lawn Mowers – both sides count (1 is 1) – Q changed this to 100 due to time

200 Dead Lift/ High Pulls – Q changed this to 100 due to time

100 side to side block ‘Mercans- Q eliminated this due to time


10 Block side raises IC each side

10 Windshield Wipers w/ block over head IC

50 LBC’s IC

Mumble Chatter: low due to the workload, some discussion about who screwed up the count on the 21’s but Q determined that not all Pax stopped together which was the instruction so punishment was given.

Thanks for showing up and putting the work in today Men, its a blessing to be with you all!

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