Late post for Monday June 8, 2020

65 degrees, clear skies, 8 PAX

Wapner, Stache, Bailiff, CrabbyPO, Slit, Boucher, Bubblicious, Daisy- QIC


Shoulder pretzels 20IC

Arm stretches OYO

Mosey to basketball court

Making laps around the basketball courts

Running cross-overs- 5 Hand release Merkins

Defensive slides- 5 Hand Release Merkins

Fast Feet- 5 Hand Release Merkins

Sprint Down and Back


Doracides- Pair up, partner does suicide while other performs exercises until totals met

100 merkins

200 LBC

300 Squats

400 Overhead Claps

Wilt Chamberlain- 100 each, LBC, Squat, Flutter Kicks (double count), Lunges single count- sprint to other end of court between exercises


Hold canoe 30 sec

Side lunges 10 each side

30 second canoe

J-lo 10

30 second canoe


With the announcement over the weekend that the NBA was preparing to bring back the end of season and play-offs next month- YHC thought we better prepare for the play-offs. So the day was spent doing basketball themed exercises. Not much chatter as keeping count was the theme for the day. Suicides as always do a good job of draining the tank. The legs were a little worn on the slowsey back to the flag after the workout. All part of a good days workout. My apologies for the late back blast.

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