Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Square, Cougar, Cosmo, Woody Woodpecker, Brickyard, Dr. Porkchop

Here are my notes that I used for Q-school this morning. We also did some exercises so I’ll include that at the bottom.

Q school 

Planning a workout: 

-plan more than you think you’ll need. Better to have too much than run out. 

-rain/bad weather plan 

-do things you are good at and like to do

-read other people’s BB for ideas. 

-don’t be afraid to steal people’s ideas, workouts, etc. You are the Q, “you do you”

-be creative and be yourself. Doesn’t have to be a smoke fest 


-Workout in a Box: have a set workout that you give instructions at beginning and everyone does on their own 

-4 Corners: come up with 4 different exercises, or 8, or 12, and just have a different exercise at each corner with however movement (run, bear crawl, sprint, broad jump burpees, etc. 

-Find something online. Example: The Murph

Pre blast 

-if there are special instructions, or you just want to remind everyone you are Q’ing, send out info, talk smack, tell them it’ll be easy, etc. 

Practice calling cadence (will talk about cadence shortly) at home. Cadence should move in rhythm with the exercise. 

Show up on time 

Wear a watch

-start on time. End on time 

Bring Weinke if you need it. Better to have than not just in case, especially early on when you may be nervous and forget things. 

Start on time

Give disclaimer to start:

-“I am not a professional” 

-“You are our here at your own risk”

-“F3, nor this AO is responsible if you get hurt. “

-if you get hurt let us know and we will help you to your car or call an ambulance if needed. 

-it’s dark and the ground is uneven. Be careful. 

-Do what you can do and modify as needed. 


“The next exercise is…Side Straddle Hop!

Starting position move…(wait for people to get in starting position) 

In Cadence…Exercise! 


-go slow, don’t rush it

-If you can’t do it, don’t Q it! 


Watch for the 6: no pax left behind! 



-ab exercises during the last 6 minutes of a workout. 


-count off

-namerama video record. 


-prayer requests 

-close in prayer or have someone else close. 

-group photo 


-after you get finished, you still have work to do!

-you must write a backblast to be posted on the website. 

-talk to Khaki for instructions to post

-it’s a record of the date, QIC, pax, what you did, and any special things you heard or notes to share at the end. 

Warm-O-Rama (shared giving guys an opportunity to practice calling our exercises and counting)
SSH x 15 IC
IST led by Square
Weedpickers led by Cougar
Mtn. Climbers led by Woody Woodpecker
Merican’s by YHC x 25 OYO
Hold Al Gore

Mosey to the school for block work:
Curls, Rocky Balboas, Thrusters, Calf raises, Swings

Mosey to the basketball court to talk about 4 corners
Corner 1: burpees x 10 OYO
Side shuffle to the next corner for monkey humpers.

Mosey back for Mary
Flutter kicks x 40 IC
LBC x 5 IC

Recover Recover

-Thanks for your patience, I know it wasn’t a full beat down, but I hope everyone learned something. Thankful for guys stepping in and sharing ideas, thoughts, etc. so we all learn together.
-It was good to have guys practice calling cadence and learn on the spot. It takes time and lots of practice.
-Cosmo shared some thoughts with us to begin the workout on current events and it was a good reminder that we all have varying thoughts and opinions on what is going on. I was thankful for time after the workout to talk in more depth with Cosmo and Brickyard about the topics of race, privilege, church, policies, what we can do, etc.
-I’m so thankful for F3 and for you guys! Keep pushing each other to be better every day. Be kind, love all people even when they don’t love you in return. Keep giving F3 away to others.


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