3 Pax at Grizzly for an 11’s beatdown.

Wrigley, Pappy (newly named FNG from Wednesday), Kitty (Q)

Disclaimer given

Warm-o-rama: (all IC) Moroccan night clubs, Arm Circles (each way), weed pickers, Abe Vigodas, Al Gore with calf raises.

Mosey to path on west side of park.

11’s along the path using trees as interval points. Creative ways added for getting to next tree.

  • 1st set (arms) – merkins and Carolina dry docks. Bear crawl between trees. Indian run back to start.
  • 2nd set (legs) – Bobby hurleys and lunges (2 legs = 1 count). Rotate between high knees and butt kickers between trees. Indian run back to start.
  • 3rd set (abs) – big boi’s and gas pumps. Alternating Karaoke between trees. Indian run back to start.

Slowsey back to wall for some Mary (all IC). Pickle pounders, pickle pointers, Rosalitas, Flutter kicks. RECOVER RECOVER

Moleskin – welcome to newly named FNG “Pappy”! Pax we’re all praising the great weather this morning. Not as much praise once bear crawls were mentioned. Prayers for our nation, and for us to be the HIMs we are called to be. Great day to get stronger with our brothers. What an honor. AYE!

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