Weather: 58, clear, calm, perfect

Pax: Optimus, Logger, Khaki, State, Slowsy, Kitty, Brickyard, Headlock, Tiger King, Bumblebee, Faceoff, Teddy Bear, FNG Dave, Kindergarten Cop, Motorboat, Nomad (Q)

Warmup: Motivator from 10


Moby: Flower
“Bring Sally up” = stand
“Bring Sally down” = hold squat

The Police: Roxanne
Start in high plank
“Roxanne” = 1 merican
“Put on the red light” = 1 groiner

Neil Diamond: America
Start doing high knees, when Neil says, “America,” switch to butt kickers
Keep doing butt kickers until he says, “America,” again and then switch back to high knees, etc., etc.
Add a star jump when Neil says, “Today!”

Eminem and Rihanna: I love the way you lie
Rihanna is singing = hold crunch
Eminem is rapping = as many sit-ups as you can

Bear crawl 50 yards x 4 since Q forgot to do it after each song

AC/DC: Thunderstruck
“Thunder” = 1 burpee

Grab a rock and circle up, do 5 curls then 5 overhead presses, move to your left, repeat until all the way around the circle

Mary: 1 min low plank

Recover, recover

Moleskin: What an awesome morning to get after it! Some mumble chatter but the Q was right next to the speaker so I couldn’t hear most of it. Inspired by FNG Dave who is 70 and getting after it! Being around you high impact men is energizing for me and I’m so grateful to be out with you. Thanks for pushing me and for pushing one another.

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