Clear skies, cool breeze, perfect.

5 pax…Khaki, Kitty, Pappy, FNG (Ryan), Wrigley (Q)



SSH x20 IC

IST x20 IC

Windmill x20 IC

Weedpickers x20 IC

Apolo Ohnos x20 IC

Arm Circles Forwards x10 IC and Backwards x10 IC

Mericans x10 OYO



Mosey to picnic shelter

15 jump ups on the picnic tables

Mosey down the trail towards 116th with butt kickers, high knees, and sprint

Circle up in the grass for Mountain Climbers x15 IC

Mosey some more down the trail

Circle up for Jump Tucks x15 OYO

Mosey to the basketball court

(Upper Body)

5 Mericans

5 Big Boy Situps

5 Mericans

10 Carolina Dry Docks

5 Mericans

15 Crab Cakes

5 Mericans

20 Tri Mericans

5 Mericans

25 Dips

Mosey to the playground and bear crawl under the bear

Find a pole, introduce yourself, and Dirty Hookups x25 OYO

Peoples Chair with Overhead Claps x10 IC, Moroccan Night Clubs x10 IC, and Cherry Pickers x10 IC


Mosey to the parking lot and partner up

Catch me if you can:

Round 1: Partner 1 runs backwards while partner 2 does 10 SSH and then goes to catch partner 1. Continue this until you touch the dumpster and repeat coming back

(CUT THIS DUE TO TIME) Round 2: Partner 1 runs backward while partner 2 does 10 IST and then goes to catch partner 1. Continue this until you touch the dumpster and repeat coming back


(Lower Body)

Mosey to the basketball court

(GOT THROUGH ABOUT HALF OF THIS) Sleep walkers 123 – 1 Squat, 2 Toe Touches, 3 Lunges; 2-4-6; 3-6-9; until 10-20-30 OYO


LBC x25 IC

Low Flutter x25 IC

Rosalita x10 IC (RAN OUT OF TIME HERE)

Don’t Cross Dolly’s x10 IC

In the Morning, At Night x15 IC

American Hammer x20 IC

Bay City Scissors x9 (8 ct IC)

Recover Recover


Moleskin: Happy New Year Redux, because 2020 sucks. Maybe if we start 2020 over it will be better. So today we revived our beatdown from 1.1.20 when we kicked off the new Fishers AO. That was my introduction to F3 and I am blessed to have found you guys. Many thanks to the six Q’s that day (Logger, Cornwallis, Zamboni, Cosmo, Nomad, and Khaki) that pushed us all to get stronger together and explained what F3 was all about. Q had to make some cuts today towards the end to modify to time limits. Sorry burpees, maybe next time. Always fun to move around the park and make use of all it has to offer. Always a pleasure to be in the company of HIM. FNG (Ryan) joined up. He has a friend in F3 Louisville that encouraged him to get involved.

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  1. I’ve always said that one of the best EH’s is the Pax from one Region EH’ing a good friend or relative who lives in another region! Welcome FNG Ryan

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