9 PAX posted to The Hill to partake in Cindy Jeopardy

Weather: mid 60s and clear; extra dark as parking lot lights were not on.

PAX:  Kindergarten Cop (Q), Teddy Bear, Khaki, Cornwallis, Dr Porkchop, Nomad, Chirp Chirp, State, Headlock

Disclaimer given. 


SSH x 20 IC

Abe Vigoda x 17 IC

Weed pickers x 9 IC


PAX divided into 2 teams of 4. Jeopardy board revealed to have 5 categories of exercises with 2 questions in each category of varying number of repetitions. All questions contained “Cindy” or “Cinder” or were related to cinder blocks. There were also 2 Daily Doubles on the board. 


Team Cornwallis immediately hit a Daily Double and correctly identified the Cindy Crawford was her HS valedictorian who went to college on a chemical engineering scholarship which ultimately resulted in Team Nomad getting 60 block Merkins. Other categories were goblet squats, curls, overhead press, and man-makers. 

Only 3 questions out of 10 were answered correctly. Cinderella and Cyndi Lauper we’re correctly identified from the clues provided while Cindy Williams, Cindy Margolis, CMU, 16x8x6, 1900, cell, and coal cinders resulted in penalty reps for all Contestants. 

PAX left The Hill not only stronger, but more knowledgeable of the world of Cindy. 

Thanks for playing and remember to have your dogs spade or neutered……. (ooops sorry wrong game show, foreshadowing the next KC Q perhaps……..)


Kindergarten Cop

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