Weather: 61 degrees, foggy and humid

PAX: Chowder, Faceoff, Khaki, Nomad, Teddy Bear, Logger, Motorboat, Marshall

Disclaimer Given


The Ruckers: Motorboat did a pre-ruck run, getting in 2 miles before rucking. Marshall had a time issue.

The Runners: Runners went out to Founders Park and back.

Moleskin: Pace this morning was fast, we held on. The fog made for a pretty run. Although Khaki was reminded of The Mist and the terror that could be lurking. Chowder hung with us for a bit to be polite but then took off and left us behind.

Marshall got caught in a time dilating worm hole. He thankfully was not spaghettified but his brain seemed a bit broken at the time shift.

Thanks Men!

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