7 PAX got up and after it on a beautiful slightly foggy Monday Morning.

Quack, Brickyard, Beefsteak, Chapo, Snaphook, State, FNG-Grant




Up straddle hops L&R

little baby arm circles forward

BIG arm circles in reverse

Mosey 300 meters

Thang: Fitness Test

AMRAP 1 Minute each


Big Boy Sit Ups

Mountain Climbers

Run 1.5 miles

AMRAP 1 Minute

Prisoner Squats

Burpees (3 minutes)

Plank Jacks

Mosey to curbs

Calf raises-normal, heels in, heels out



Heel Touches 25IC

XY (Rosalita & Flutter) skipped those- maybe next time

Low Dolly 20IC

Captain Thor 1:4, 2:8, 3:12 and so on until time runs out


YHC had a great time at Zionsville. I got homesick 1/2 through so we ran to Carmel (Woodhaven neighborhood south of the AO and got to know all the cul de sacs. I tried to lead the way, was sucking air by the finish of that.. but thankfully State slowed down and we all made it back to Zionsville for more AMRAP. lots of mumble chatter today, brickyard with the lead. State brought his brother in law and Chapo (sells drugs, supposedly legal ones) who has mainly posted when in Lville on “business” joined us. he’s a beast and is excited to have a closer to home A.O. Brickyard teared up a little when he heard all this. Brickyard pointed out that some better form could take place with the LOW dolly, State and I held firm on our core beliefs that some exercises are more difficult when you are very tall.

COT: Please continue to keep Beefsteaks bro/family in your prayers. Brickyard shared an inspirational family story, prayers for all the HIM in the Nation, thanks for the opportunity to learn and grow with you.


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