6 PAX posted in the crisp gloom, even after a very intimidating preblast. Disclaimer was given, and we got to it.

Warm up


Bobby Hurleys


Finkle Swings

Abe Vigoda

Mosey to basketball court





Hip Flexors

Beep Test

Zoolander & Wrigley 3.??

Maize 6.??

Motorboat 8.5

Zamboni 8.10

Nomad 8.11

Death Star

Jack Webbs (10/10)

Squats and Hops (15)

Four corners Mary

10 JLo

20 Rosalita

30 Flutter

40 LBC

Recover x2


YHC was nervous about trying the beep test. Online it says most people only make it to level 13, but they must’ve been referring to the in shape soccer stars that are the main users of this test. Everyone appreciated the Q’s decision to start with the beep test instead of the beat down. Today can be summed up in the #QuoteOfTheQ “the level of suck seems sufficient.”

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