8 pax posted for the inagural day of the Big E-Z.

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Beefsteak, Khaki, Brickyard, State, Chapo, welcome back kotter Wabbit, welcome FNG now known as McStuffins.

Disclaimer given
F3 Core principles stated

Short mosey to the drop off circle
SSH x 25 IC
IST x 10 IC
Windmill x 10 IC
Weedpicker x 10 IC

Mosey to the fence
Over middle bar and under the lower bar all the way down the fence line.

Indian Run to the park in the neighborhood to the north.

Partner relay race:
Partner 1 Cake Walk from the soccer line to the sidewalk and then broad jump back
Partner 2 does burpees until partner 1 comes back and then switch.

Kaka Laka Choo Choo from the sidewalk to the playground

Fellowship run back to the church parking lot.

Hill for crabby bears
Crab walk up the hill, 10 bonnie blairs, bear crawl down the hill, 10 monkey humpers
Repeato decreasing by 2 each time.

Flutter Kicks x 50 IC
LBC x 50 IC
Sun dials
Mtn Climbers x 50

Recover Recover

-Great having Wabbit back out!
-Congrats Khaki and Chapo winning the Cake Walk relay race 👍👍
-We were confronted by the facilities supervisor with open arms and excited to learn about and support F3 anyway he can.
-Hope y’all had fun doing some different things today. Always a pleasure to lead you men. Thank Big EZ for having YHC first Q at this AO. Great future ahead for EZ
-Keep EH’ing, keep posting, keep accelerating!


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  1. It was great to have our Nantan Cornwallis Q, his are never boring. I wonder if Chapo is the first F3 guy who never had a home Ayo and only worked out down range until we brought it to him?

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