Warm Up

Vinyasas x3

Mosey around the grassy knoll

The Thang

Tibetan 5 Rites x12 each exercise


Vinyasa Series

Warrior 1

Warrior 2

Reverse Warrior

Stretch Bottom to Top

Gumby – Bottom to Top 


Slowsy back to the cars



Q:  Cosmo

PAX:  Nomad, Maize, Motorboat, BumbleBee, Optimus, Headlock, State, Snaphook, Wrigley, Teddy Bear, Pontoon-19, Parcheesi (named today), FNG (Ryan), Caviar, Logger, FaceOff, Chirp Chirp

18 Pax posted for a Yoga Gumby workout at the Hill.  Awesome morning for some care and repair of our bodies.  Q was very pleased to see ALL Pax were good sports and went over and above in participation and effort.

Mumblechatter was suitable for the workout as Q choose to believe that Pax were concentrating on breathing and getting into the Zin of the birds chirping and connecting with nature.  Q was also impressed with the ability of the Pax to ‘get into it’ and push the stretch in their own way.

Q was excited to see Ryan-FNG as well as naming a PAX after an old board game.  Q is looking forward to the ‘suitable corrective action’ required for Wolly Bully (typically manifested with some sort of burpee series), allowing an EH-Ryan (FNG) to show up to a beatdown flying solo .  Stay tuned, more to come on this topic.

Nice work today men!  Even after our hiatus, I see much progress and am excited to see these disciplines added into our routines. 

Keep pushing, keep getting better, keep increasing flexibility and keep passing it along.

Always a privilege,


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