7 PAX posted on a beautiful, clear 70 degree morning. Jay-Z, Boucher, CrabbyPo, Piper, Slit, Ariel, Bubblicious(QIC)

Nipple Tweekers IC x15
Grass Pickers IC x15
Shoulder Pretzels IC x15
Flying Nun 5ea leg OYO
SSH IC x20

THANG 1: CoinFlip Pyramid Run
Mosey around the park but EMOM No Surrenders or Burpees per coin flip. (2/4/6/8/10/8/6/4/2)

THANG 2: Block Relay
Man A does called exercise AMRAP, Man B mosey to fence does 2 burpees & mosey back.


After Man B does called exercise AMRAP & Man B returns from run, flapjack & go to the next exercise.

Exercise Rundown:
Russian Swings
Shoulder Press
Goblet Squats
Triceps extension
Lunges – block on alternate shoulder
Bent over row
Sumo Squats
*RR until time expires

Just for fun we carried our blocks back to the flags either in over head press or curl position. Whenever anyone had to put down their blocks, all PAX stopped and completed 5 Russian Swings.

MARY: Plank-o-Rama
30 sec: High, low, right, left, low push up hold
20 LBC’s OYO
End with Plank to Failure

Q was accused of reaching into his pockets a little too often throughout Pyramid Coinflip Run, aka “Worst Maestro Lap Ever”…….music to the Q’s ears. I think the Pyramid Run should come back soon. Block Relay was a good one but tough to stay focused while Jay-Z professed his love for blocks throughout the entire workout. Guess there’s no such thing as too much block for some people!

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