70 degrees, a touch humid.

disclaimer given, oyo strecthing observed.

5 Pax posted at the hill for a snaphook marathon or ruck.

Logger, Khaki and Nomad ran nearly 29,591 feet, very quickly.

Motorboat and YHC enjoyed a nice ruck. great F2 time during that, and with the runners afterwards.

COT : Prayers for Nomad’s friend Mike. Prayers for our Country

Moleskin: Khaki shared that he is trying to limit his intake of negativity on social media. Which eventually led to a great conversation about the epic pipes of James Earl Jones, and Morgan Freeman, movies, quotes… I shared a great quote I read recently that may have come from Morgan Freeman. Some of the best advice i’ve been given. ” Don’t take criticism from people you would never go to for advice”.

Keep EH’ing, Sign up for Q’s is posted! go get ya some.


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