70 degrees- comfortable, yet a little muggy for 11 PAX: Pew Pew, Shamu, Ariel, Slit, Boucher, Bubblicious, Jay-Z, Wapner, Popeye, Piper, Daisy QIC


Shoulder Pretzels- 20I

Reach around and Reach over combo- 6IC

Side Lunges- 10IC


Stretch what is tight OYO

Mosey to base of stairs

Thang: Musical Stairs

Two teams, each team mans four landings of the stairs with a man traveling. Each landing has an exercise to be performed during each song. Exercise is performed by the PAX until he is relieved by team mate. When song changes, exercise changes.

Song 1- Let’s get it Started- Black-eyed peas

Incline Merkins, alternating over head and seal claps, Merkins, dips

Song 2- Legs- ZZ Top

Squats, lunges, skaters, calf raises

Song 3- Hero- Skillet

Flutter kicks, lbc’s, Freddie Mercury’s, Boat/ canoes

Song 4- Real World- Matchbox 20

Stair laps

Song 5- Highway to Hell- AC/DC

Decline Merkins, Monkey Humpers, Burpees, No Surrenders

Song 6- Don’t Stop Me Now- Queen

Block Brigade

Song 7- Eye of the Tiger- Survivor

Rocky Balboas, Overhead presses, leg raises, Mike Tyson’s

Song 8- TNT

Jump Squats, Jump Lunges, SSH, wall jumps

Song 9- Feel Invincible- Skillet

Stair suicides


Song 10- Proud Mary- CCR

Big boys, gas pumps, flutter kicks




Was good for YHC and a few others to get back today after shaking some injuries and some lack of motivation. A little quiet to start the morning and end a stair workout themed week. Brought the big dog speaker today so tunes could be heard at all parts of the stairs- even our cross fit compadres kept their tunes off until we were finished. Evidentially they liked our music better- or we were just louder. Lots of variety of exercises and difficulty seemed to make for a fun workout and all body parts got some work. A good sweat had by all! Numbers seem to have gotten consistent in the double digits- but we can still bring some Kotters out to play! Great support and encouragement for those that post. That is truly the important part- support and encouraging each other to continue to strive to be our best. Looking forward to bringing back the Saturday Ruck tomorrow! Hope to see a good number of you there!!! Have a great and safe 4th of July weekend!

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