10 Pax posted on a humid 73 degree morning.  Daisy, Wapner, Ariel, Bouche, Stache, Slit, Crabby PO, Jay-Z, Bubblicious, Piper QIC
Warm up:
Maestro lap
Arm stretch
Leg stretch
Motivator from 12

Block Curls x 10
Block Corks x 10 R and L
Leg blaster with block (20 squats, 20 lunges, 10 jump lunges, and 10 jump squats)
Block swings x 20
Maestro lap
Pull ups x 5
Hanging Leg lifts x 10
Tire flip x 5
Hand Release Merkins x 20

V up roll ups x 12

Moleskin: PAX split up into two teams, with the goal of advancing each teams tire farther than the competition. Only problem is that F3 men are so helpful that it was forgotten which team was flipping which tire. Q thought we would advance the tire farther in the workout, but was reminded by Daisy that if we wouldn’t have had so many block exercises maybe we would have. Good effort given by all. Happy Birthday to Jay-Z, hope all the pickle pounders come in handy.

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