On a great 70 degree beautiful morning we had 11 pax for today: Bubblicious, Boucher, Slit, Stache, Jay-z, Piper, Crabby PO, Daisy, Maestro, Wapner, Ariel QIC

Warm up:

Maestro lap

Moraccan night clubs

Shoulder pretzels

Flying nuns

Leg stretches on your own

Thang 1: Burpees a Plenty!

Mosey to basketball courts and divided pax into two groups to use two half-courts.

Setup on a half-basketball court. Ten burpees in corner 1, then bear crawl to corner 2. Nine burpees in corner 2, lunge walk to corner 3. Eight burpees in corner 3, bear crawl to corner 4. Seven burpees in corner 4, lunge walk to corner 1. Continue in similar manner 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, ending with 1 burpee. Sum is 55 burpees this round.

Short mosey run to happy place.

Thang 2: Bench Work

At the park benches:

20 incline merkins

20 Dips

20 step ups, 10 ea leg

20 decline merkins

20 butt touch squats

20 calf raises

Short mosey run back to basketball courts.

Thang 3: Back to Courts!

Start at the first corner again but begin with 6 burpees and transverse around like the above. Thus doing 6,5,4,3,2,1 burpees. Sum of 21 this round, and 76 burpees total.

Short mosey run to flags.

Thang 4: Rings of Fire!

Did: everyone did squats while one did monkey humpers, then everyone did LBC while someone did BBC’s and lastly we finished up with flutter kicks while gas pumpers went around the circle.

Thang 5: Sally Routine

Last but certainly not least we finished the day out with Moby’s “Flower”, we did leg lifts: bring Sally up= legs up; bring Sally down= 6 inch leg hold.

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