Warm up: IC
10 Windmills
10 Imperial Walkers
10 Larry_Legends

Prepare Teams! Up to 4 teams

Thang: Let’s play a little one-sided cornhole

Try to get the ball in the Cell of the Cindy
• Make it! Draw a card (whole team!)
• Don’t get bombed! – 10,20,30 Mericans
• Fruit! – Do as the card instructs
• Banana! – Lucky you! 5 lunges (each leg)
• Miss! – 5 burpees!

If you get through your deck, shuffle and try your luck again!

Take turns! Hold plank while player throws

Mary: BRP! (Breath, Rest, Pray)

Nam-O-Rama & Prayers

Moleskin: There was a lot of excitement early on, but then came the mumble chatter as the men continued to miss and do endless amounts of burpees or Chirpees as Wooly now calls them! It sounded like Khaki was bragging about how good they were while others were trying to find ways to win. The end result was a bunch of Pax lying on their backs and a few grunts so I think I did my job as Q! Chirp Chirp

Love you guys!

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