The Pit

Q: Cornwallis
Pax: Beefsteak (virgin Pit), Cosmo, Square

F3 Core Principles

Warm-o-rama (all IC)
SSH x 15
IST x 10
Toy Soldier x 10
Windmill x 10
Weedpicker x 10


200 Plank Jacks
200 LBC’s
200 Dips
150 Squats
150 Merkins
50 Big boy sit ups
50 Burpees

Recover Recover!

-Great having Beefsteak for his virgin pit experience. Hope we broke you in well.
-YHC found this smoker on the Twitter machine and thought, “that looks hard, let’s do that”. Workout came from F3 Dortmund
-Missed having Dr. Porkchop to lead the Q today
-Today was Choose Your Own Adventure. I think everyone approached this workout a little differently. YHC and Cosmo did the workout in order, only Cosmo started from the bottom and worked up and YHC started from the top and worked down.
-No on wanted to do the dips. Cosmo wanted to get the burpees out of the way.
-Everyone worked really hard and we were all smoked, mainly our arms, after that one.
-May see this one again crop up in the future.
-NO RUNNING today. You’re welcome.
-YHC EH’d an AT&T salesman yesterday who lives in Greenwood. He was really interested and said he is going to take me up on the offer to come out!
-Keep EHing, you never know!


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