76F and Humid

Pax: Maize, Zamboni, Cornwallis, Wrigley, DC, Headlock, Nomad, Khaki, Kindergaten Cop, Wooly Dutchman, Motorboat (QIC).

5 Core Principles

All IC
Overhead clap x9
Arm circles forward and backwards x8
Arm Pretzel x7
Weedpickers x6
Windmills x5
SSH x4
IST x3

We started with Mary just to mix it up
“W” leg raise x5
Knee slides x 1 min
Butterfly Sit-ups x 10
Corkscrews x 1 min
LBC x 10 IC
Big Boi with rotation at the top x 5 each side

Grab block, a bottle of water, and a cup.
Set block at 1 end of the lower parking lot with water bottle. Take cup about 50 yards and set it on the ground.
Do 5 SSH at the cup and then run to the block
Take a swig of water and keep it in your mouth. Do 3 8-Count manmakers with water still in mouth. Run and then spit your water into your cup. Repeat until your cup runs over.

Drop empty bottles and cups into the back of Wooly’s truck (thanks Wooly!)

Zamperini carry blocks up to the flat paved area next to the church.
Wall squat and hold block in front of you. In cadence lift the block overhead with arms straight x8
28 Flutter kicks with block overhead
10 curls in cadence with back, butt, and head against the wall
8 more curls IC against wall
step forward and 6 more curls

Asymmetrical farmer carry to the hill between the upper and lower lots.
11s with Overhead press at the top and Dips at the bottom. Take your block up and down the hill with you.

Back to the starting location. Komodo Dragon walk 1 parking space.
LBC IC until 6:15 (28 completed)

Recover Recover

Moleskin: Always fun to try and new workout with everyone. YHC did not expect the water challenge to go so fast and had to add onto the workout. YHC though khaki was going to have an aneurysm with the warm up exercises not being multiplies of 5. It did set a good pace for a workout and YHC thinks it could be fun in the future to do a workout like that. Mumble chatter was slowed with mouthfuls of water although Wrigley gave it a good shot. Mumble chatter really came to a halt with the wall squat exercise and then 11s. Thanks for pushing and making ourselves better. Keep spreading F3 and sharing the love. Looking forward to the CSAUP tomorrow!


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