11 PAX circled up for a comfortable 75 degree morning right on time at 5:30am.(30 Min Lightening Delay averted)

CrabbyPo, Daisy, Boucher, Slit, Stache, Wapner, Jay-Z, Piper, Popeye, Ariel, and Bubblicious(QIC)

Nipple Tweekers IC x15
Grass Pickers IC x15
Shoulder Pretzels IC x15
Flying Nun OYO x10
SSH IC x30

THANG: Tabata Block Party

30s of work with 10s of rest/transition

Count off by 1’s and 2’s

OH Block Walking Lunges
Block Curls
Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
Left Handed Chainsaws
Right Handed Chainsaws
Block Hoppers
Crossover Block Merkins
Block Goblet Squat
Block Manmaker Merkins
Blocky Mountain Climbers
Left Arm Side Plank
Right Arm Side Plank

Q randomly calls out Group 1 or 2 who drops what they’re doing and

A) Run to bottom staircase for 5 dips and 5 Merkins
B) Run to Monkey Bars, Do 5 pull ups, 5 burpees
Rinse and Repeat for 20-25Mins

MARY: Indian Crab Walk
While lined up on your six, the guy in the back crabwalks to the front, then next guy, etc. Guys on 6 are doing LBCs while waiting all to the tunes of Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats.

MOLESKIN: Tabata’s were met with thorough questioning in the PB and warmup. Can we eat them? Are they a useful bedroom strategy? Define ‘short interval’ It turns out Tabata’s were none of the above and brought everyone along a fun roller coaster of skepticism, pain, and thankfulness for it being over. A pointed but quiet,”Who hurt him?” was directed at the Q upon the Indian Crabwalk intro. MARY was another adventure with most PAX thinking about clinking a glass to Friday while they chiseled away at rock hard abs, err something like that. Good work men. That was fun!

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