2 PAX emerged from the elusive fart sack to ruck on this beautiful Saturday morning.

Cubby Blue


3 miles were completed

Cubby Blue assumed the role of QIC this morning as yours truly was a virgin rucker. We cometed the same route as was done last week. We both hoped for more attendees as there was a lot of “talk” last night about potential ruckers. It turns out that “talk” was all that it amounted to. I woke up early and decided to burn some calories this morning as I didn’t treat my body very kindly last night. I’m glad I tried it, and more glad that Cubby Blue joined me. At 6:30 I was prepared to go home, but Cubby Blue came in hot and saved the day. My shoulders, quads, and hips definitely feel the burn. If you haven’t tried the ruck, I would recommend

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