61° Clear Skies. Post shovel flag and they will come.

Warm up: Big Arm Circles forward Big Arm Circles backward  Not Worthies 10 oyo/together Weed pickers 10 ic. Kick with a twist 10 ic A few Superman’s to work the back because we were going to need it!

The Thang: Mosey to the prayer path Circle up around light post WW 1 Sit ups 25 oyo Burpee’s 2 oyo Mosey to the DZ. Pick you spot on the wall 25 step ups ic. Mosey to 2nd corner via stairs. WW2 Sit ups 25 oyo                  Burpee’s 4 oyo                           Mosey to the DZ                         Pick your spot on the wall dips 25 ic.       Mosey to 3nd corner via stairs.                                          Big boy Sit ups 25 oyo               Burpee’s 8 oyo                           Mosey to the DZ. Pick your spot on the curb. Rocket Balboas curb kicks 25 Mosey to 4th corner for Cindy Crawfords 15 each side ic. Burpee’s 16 oyo. Mosey to the DZ for Motivator from 10, your welcome. Mosey back to flags.

Mary: just in case you didn’t get enough abs. No party is complete without the Bay City Scissors 15 ic. And last but not least ABC’s

Moleskin: There was some conversation about the low turnout and following up with guys that had not been there in a few weeks as well as an announcement from McStuffins regarding the return of the Rona everybody wash your hands where mask or is it don’t wear a mask and wash your hands I can’t remember. Seriously McStuffins thank you for what you do and be careful. Sarge’s back from Chicago was great to have him keep posting keep getting stronger. He told me that between the exercise and the weight loss he has been able to reduce his blood pressure medication.!

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