7 Pax posted on a great 60 degree morning. JayZ, Slit, Boucher, Wapner, Crabby Po, Bubblicious, and Q Popeye.

Warmup: Maestro lap, SSH’s, WMH, Finkle Swings, Shoulder Pretzels, Nipple Tweakers, and Bat Wing.

Thang: Mosey the long way to the Happy Place. Pax pair up, 1 Pax runs around the Cock and Ass Pen aka Maestro Lap while his partner does a core exercise, then swap. Each round is about a mile of running.

Round 1 exercises: American Hammer, Big Boys, Box Cutter, Leg Raises.

Round 2 exercises: Alternating Shoulder Taps, Annie Plank, Mountain Climbers, Plank.

Mary: 30 seconds of Flutter Kicks

Moleskin: Q had 6 rounds planned but only had time for 2. We ran about 2.5 miles total and had plenty of core work. Lots of mumble chatter on different topics today. The main topic was the debate on Pen vs Pin and which form was used when referring to the Cock and Ass Pen aka the petting zoo. We agreed the proper use was pen, but what was an Ass Pin? The debate rages on. Good work today by all Pax. We are looking forward to Wapner’s Q on Wednesday, maybe round 3 and 4 will be used.

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