Key Principles

Warm Up


Hiesman x 20 IC

Windmills x 10 IC

Arm Circles x 10 IC both directions

Mosey to Steps

The Thang

Burpee Ladder with 2 flights of steps – Burpee at each line up to 12

Mosey (up the hill) to the wall

Balls-to-the-wall w/Chicken Peckers then Squats (last round Merkins and Calf Raises) – Feet raised/lowered in a pyramid style on each successive turn (three levels up/three levels down)

Slowsy to the Hill

5 Count on the Hill (LBCs and Merkins)

Mosey to the cars


Flutter Kicks x25 IC

LBCs x25 IC

Gas Pumps/In the Morning Combo x25 IC

Freddie Mercuries x25 IC



PAX continued exercise while 1 PAX ran to island and back, exercises included:

Plank Hold, Low Plank, Flutter Kicks

Mosey back to the park




Beautiful morning, low 60s, low humidity – kind of like in the mountains

PAX: Cornwallis, Square, Cougar, Quick, Cosmo (Q)

5 Pax gathered at the Pit for a Mountain Goat.  Q offered a democratic choice at the Gather and PAX decided to move forward with the Mountain Goat as planned.  Overall good decision as it was a fun beat down.

Elevation was the key word as everything we did changed elevations at some point.   Mumblechatter was good with a discussion about how Quick gets to come to workouts on his vacation (glad he was there) and other Pax guessing what a mountain goat beat down would be.  Square learned corrugation on walls helps with traction and we all learned the mulch is very smelly this time of year….Cornwallis may be allergic.  Q was pleased with the overall workout and the groans on the balls-to-the-wall exercise, the pinnacle gets them every time!


Nice work today men, getting better all the time.

Keep up the good work and keep passing it along.

Always a privilege!



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