70 degrees, beautiful morning.

Disclaimer given, Core Principles

Warm Up

Abe Vigoda 10

SSH 18

Lil Baby Arm Circles forward and back 10 each

Weed Pickers 10

Mosey 414 yd warm up hole. tough par 4 with mild elevation. keeps going left, we loved this one so much we just kept playing it the rest of the round.

The Thang:

Perform exercise x 18. (follow scorecard), run the lap after each exercise

#1. Cherkins

#2. Hydraulic Squats

#3. Low Dolly

#4. Bobby Hurley’s

#5. Seal Jacks

#6. Plank Jacks

#7. Alligator Merkins

#8. Prisoner Squats

#9. Chilly Jacks

Halfway House bonus- Catalina Wine Mixers

Trophy Presentation- Beater and Beefsteak picked Burpees x10


American Hammer 18IC

Heel Touches 19IC


Pretzel Crunch 10L 10R IC


It was a wonderful morning. Cosmo brought in a FNG, Beater was back, Quick & Clancy got to know the BigEZ. all the reqular EZ sandbaggers were there. YHC gave a respect optional distance for the lap, Cosmo was pleased that it was not labeled the ladies tee. Quick pointed out that the cart path was still warm from yesterday. Quick and others also thanked me for the Hydraulic Squats on asphalt. Brickyard “just sayin” suggested that our Low Dollys were too low and should look more like a rosalita. Clancy said he’d be back on speaking terms w the Q in a few days. We made it through the front 9, YHC tried to play through Beater and Steak but never could quite catch up to them.. a few Pax managed to hit the halfway house for mixers. All the Pax went on and on… and on about all the running so apparently they love 400 yd holes.

Pleasure as always. keep EH’ing, it’s ours to share- give it away.

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