Core Principles

Mosey to warm up

Warm Up


Imperial Walkers x15 IC

Toe Touches x10 IC

 Week Pickers x10 IC

Arm Circles x10 IC (both directions)

Mosey back to the parking lot

The Thang

All exercises were at each line of the parking lot with a slowly in between

8-Postion block Man Makers x5 each line

Curls x5 each line

Mosey to end of lines and back

Overhead Press x3 each line

Calf Raises x5 each line

Squats x5 each line

Skull Crushers x3 each line

Mosey to end of line and back

Zemperini Carry to end of lines and back to cars


Gas Pump/In the Morning x25 IC

High Dolly x25 IC

Flutter Kicks x25 IC



Mid 60s and humid

Q:  Cosmo

PAX:  Pappy, Jackie Moon, Zamboni, Quick

5 PAX posted for a Cardio Block Party.  Admittedly Q was not sure how the beatdown would ‘go down’ but was happy to use the parking lot lines for guidance…all 18 of them that Pappy gladly pointed out.

After a quick Mosey to start off to check out if a car was an FNG, turns out it was not an FNG, but simply a car parked with people in it at 0535 in the morning (not creepy at all).  Some PAX were offended when the car had the audacity to drive away as PAX were doing back bends.  Q chooses to believe they just didn’t appreciate the view.  Q was so excited at the prospect of an FNG, that he forgot to do the welcome and disclaimer, but took good care of it during the curl stroll down the parking lot…PAX were suitable amused.

After warm up and mosey back, the real fun began.  Man Makers delivered and mumble chatter started and continued in a suitable fashion through the duration of the beatdown.  The walking provided some extra somethin-somethin that made the block party really rock.  Mary was fun with the addition of the compound move at the start that made the Flutter Kicks feel really good.

Big THANK YOU to Cornwallis for his service to the group and thanks to Nomad for patching us in to enjoy the flag ceremony.

Excellent work today men!  

Keep pushing, keep getting better and keep passing it along.

Always a privilege,


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