Let’s get better together!

Weather: Fog, 64 degrees and beautiful sunrise

23 Pax this morning!! Aye!

Warm up: IC

10 Windmills

10 Weed Pickers

Motivators from 5

Prepare Teams! Up to 2 per team

* zamp hold and mosey until drop (punishment)

Thang: Team Titans (1-goal, 1-farmer carry)

* 200 Curls

* 150 Block Mericans

* 100 KB Swings

* 50 Overhead Presses

* Bear crawl there and back! (Because I know @TeddyBear wanted too).

• rinse and repeat (50 reps)

Mary: Zamp back to top, Do some stretching, and celebrate Greatness!

Moleskin: What a beautiful sunrise and cooler morning! We had an amazing showing of 23 Pax; including 2 New FNG that were named, one new Nantan celebration to a great new Leader, and a new flag was revealed to another great Leader! I know my job was done when I saw shirts coming off and people crawling (oh wait!) haha! Chirp Chirp

Nam-O-Rama & Prayers

Love you guys!

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