63 degrees, foggy damp morning for 3.5 Pax; Piper, Slit, Bubblicious, and Daisy QIC part-time

Planned workout audibled due to a tardy Q.

Murph training


Bruce Lee while those finishing up run made way back to flag.


Nothing more frustrating way to start the day when you open your eyes to a flashing alarm clock and then pick up your phone to see it it is time to start the workout and you are still in Flora. Sent the workout to the PAX that were here. Upon arrival to “The Unit” was confused as I didn’t see any PAX. After surveying the land, 3 PAX were found over on the playground. Due to uncertainty on a few of the exercises an audible was called and Murph Training was in high gear. YHC joined in and did what he could to join the game late. After much apologies and gratitude for the small yet mighty group for picking up the dropped ball, it was requested that August 15th be put on the calendar for everyone as we will be celebrating our anniversary in some fashion that day and a reminder of Ruck taking place at 6:30 on Saturday. Hoping Monday will bring back many of the travelers and that YHC will start using both his clock and his phone in case of this emergency happening again.

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