Wednesday 7/22

8 PAX posted this morning.  Weather was warm but moist with some sprinkles.


  • Jay-Z
  • Stache
  • Daisy
  • Boucher (QIC)
  • Bubblicious
  • Piper
  • CrabbyPO
  • Ariel

Warm Up:

· Maestro C.A.P. Lap

· Motivator

· Grass pickers x15

· Sprinklers x15

Mosey to imaginary light tunnel


-Frolic down and back

· Boo Boo Bear crawl merkins x2

· 24 Bobby Hurley’s / Brian Cardinals x2

· Bear crawl burpee x2

· 48 mountain climbers x2

Mosey to stairs

· Bear crawl up steps and crawl bear down hill in between workouts

· 12 donkey kicks at top x2

· 12 hand release merkins at bottom x2

· 12 LBCs (4 count) x2

· 12 Big Boys x2

Mosey back to imaginary light tunnel

–              Frolic down and then frolic all the way back to the flag.


· 10 Monkey Humper Ring of Fire

–              10 monkey/reindeer humper

–              10 gorilla humper

Took the PAX down memory lane with a revisit of my slightly modified VQ winky. Bear crawls and frolicking is not as enjoyable without the Christmas light tunnel but the music helped put us all in the mood. Stache’s near miss merlot splash almost put a cherry on top of this holiday pie but he let us down again.

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