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The Thang: P.R.I.M.E. 59. It’s the Q’s 59th birthday. He is in the Prime of his life. He’s made of Prime Beef! Because 59 is a “prime” number every exercise, or series of exercises, was either 59 reps or began with the letters in PRIME.

  • Warm up:
    • Weed Picker X10 IC
    • Imperial Walkers X10 IC
    • Windmill X10 IC
    • Arm Circles X29 (Single Count, changing direction throughout)
    • Shoulder Taps X59 (alternating SC)
  • P.ast Time (America’s) Of course, Baseball. (Mozey to baseball field) “Seven of Diamonds”
  • 7 Merkins @ first base
  • 14 Sit ups @ second base
  • 21 Merkins @ third base
  • 28 Sit ups @ home plate
  • Rinse and Repeat
  • R.ocks (Mozey to rock pile)
  • 29 of each: Curls – Squats – Skull Crushers – Calf Raises – Chest Press (Rotate to rock to your right after EACH exercise)
  • Rinse and Repeat with 30 of each.
  • I.ndian Bear Crawl (to Beatdown start)
  • Rear PAX bear crawl to front
  • All others Hold Plank when not crawling
  • M.&Ms
  • Motivator from 8
  • Mountain Climbers X59 SC
  • Mary
  • LBC X15
  • Flutter Kicks X15
  • Low Dolly X15
  • High Dolly until Q counted to 59 “Recover” [BUT, we weren’t finished yet!There is still another letter!]
  • E.levens
  • Dips 1-10 reps
  • Hand Release Merkins 10-1 reps[Time only allowed us to get to 2&9]
  • Recover/Recover
  • COT
  • Name-a-Rama: Welcome FNG Spencer Redmon, F3 “Spanky”
  • Prayer

Moleskin: Great way to start the birthday for the Q. It was “Prime Time”! Guys busted it with little time for mumble-chatter (much cursing under their labored breaths). It was a pleasure to workout with you gentlemen in the gloom.

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